Product performance

China Iron and Steel Company, Shell (stocks) Company, a chemical company wins, the country Qiao Chemical, Dalian Chemical
, Taiwan Machine Company, Chi Mei Chemical Company (Paul Ren Factory) and all sectors of large, medium and small engineering companies.
PetroChina shares a company (Kaohsiung plant. Dalin plant. Lin Yuan plant. Taoyuan plant)
HSR Tainan Station (S-290), HSR Chiayi Tai Bao Station (S-280), MRT Qingpu Station
Creek Island incinerator, top incinerator, Renwu incinerator, after the incinerator
Kaohsiung small Gangnan incinerator, Kaohsiung Central incinerator, deer grass incinerator (in the environmental protection)
Formosa Plastics six light (steam maintenance class), six light South Asia EG (ethylene glycol plant) (butanediol plant)
Formosa South Asia Electrical Explosion-proof long-term contract, Sino-US long-term chemical companies and the contract
Taipei Linkou Power Plant: New Instrument Control Project (Zhong Ding Engineering Company, Xin Ding Engineering Company Contract).
Southern Thermal Power Plant: NAN-PU NO.4 CCPP, S-plants and S-R plants;
Xingda Power Plant: WWTS.FGD 3 & 4 aircraft
Taichung Power Plant:

1. 1-4 denitrification project, 5-8 SCR denitration project.

2. 9 & 10 machine DENOX & NH3.SYS,

3. Taichung Thermal Power Plant No. 9 & 10 FGD exhaust off the system